As requested by whittertwitter. :) And also blamesynapse and nightoffallingstars. ;)

As soon as Bazz-B uttered that “one finger” line, I asked that somebody please request his pick-up lines. These lovely folks stepped up to the plate. So! Bazz-B pick-up lines it is!

1. “You’ll be amazed…

here’s some of Bazz -B’s pick up lines



As requested by anon. :)

Let’s say Yhwach’s second-in-command decided that he wanted some…companionship. What sort of pick-up lines might he use?

1. “Hey there. Want the B?”

2. “I’m the only scale *you* ever need to get on!”

3. “Is my hair doing anything for you?”

4. “When you walked…

Some of these might work on me